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Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide


American Version

Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide




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Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean


Strait Sailing to Gibraltar


Living Aboard Around the World


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Gentle Mediterranean Routes to the Islands


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Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide

(This version is for boats coming across the Atlantic from Europe.)

For the American Version with routes for Southbound Yachts - here












The Caribbean is probably the biggest and best cruising ground in the world. Wonderful climate, beautiful islands, nice people and for the most part very inexpensive. With predictable weather and such good sailing winds it  makes the Mediterranean look like a very poor relation. 

How to get there - how to get home- details of all the Island groups and anchorages.  Pictures and chart details together with descriptions of the islands.

Pictures, charts, distances, links to marina's and faculties, weather and places to visit and what to see.......




 1. Overview  (Equipment, timing, seasons and main cruising routes)


2. Getting there  (From Europe and USA)


3. Trinidad and Tobago


4. Grenada & Grenadines


5. St Lucia to Dominica and Indian River


6. The Saints & Guadeloupe


7. Antigua to St Martin


8. The Virgin Islands


9. Trinidad to Venezuela and ABC Islands


10. Route back to the USA (via the Bahamas)


11. Route back to Europe (Via Bermuda and or Azores to Gib and Solent




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Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide