Michael E Briant

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If you live in Spain for more than 183 days in any 12 month period  and have a car that is not Spanish registered - Spanish plates - then you are breaking the law'


It really is not difficult to have your UK or other non Spanish vehicle 'matriculated' into a Spanish registered vehicle.


Does not matter which side the steering wheel is on.


The least expensive and easy way to make your non Spanish vehicle legal, easy to insure and get it’s Spanish MOT..


Shows you the conversion process in a step by step manner and makes it very easy:


You have to obtain several original documents and whether you follow the simple steps in this book or employ a ‘specialists’ to do it for you, there is no other way of getting some of the documents except by doing it yourself!



Chapter one –        Your ID requirements and how to get them

Chapter two –        Certificate of Conformity

Chapter three –      Log book & Bill of sale

Chapter four –       Changing headlights and booking ITV/MOT inspection

Chapter five -        Getting paperwork processed

Chapter six -          Obtaining number plates and economic Spanish  insurance

Chapter seven –     Changing your driving license to Spanish

Chapter eight –      Working out 12% matriculation tax




There are various reasons for wanting to legally import your non Spanish car, van, motorcycle. The most common is that the MOT has run out and it’s an expensive business to take the vehicle home get a new MOT then bring it back to Spain.  Your UK insurance is not valid unless the vehicle has a current MOT.


Another reason is you have taken Spanish residency and the law states that as a Spanish resident you are not allowed to drive a ‘foreign’ (non Spanish) registered vehicle. Or you are moving permanently to Spain and you want everything to be legal and correct.


Firstly you have to be registered in Spain with a Spanish address and in possession of Spanish ID... This is how you obtain your NIE:.....................