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Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide



Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide


The Pacific Crossing




French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean

Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean

Strait Sailing to Gibraltar

Living Aboard Around the World

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Gentle Mediterranean Routes to the Islands


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la Rochelle guide book






If you are heading for the Mediterranean this book details the final challenge entering the Straits of Gibraltar, the last hurdle. They need approaching with some idea of tides and strategy.


This book tells you about the Marina's and the charges to overnight or keep your boat permanently in the area. 'Freeports', duty free diesel fuel, where to haul out, repair services etc.




Most importantly it lists all the local ports and their facilities.





  1. Mediterranean overview

  1. Entering the Straits

  1. Bárbate

  1. Tarifa

  2. Gibraltar

  1. La Línea

  1. Algecerías

  1. Duquesa

  1. Ceuta

  1. Smir

  1. Tangier

  1. Bringing your boat legally into Spain




  Strait Sailing to Gibraltar contains  tidal charts, pictures, illustrations, port descriptions and legal information.

The book contains tidal charts and strategy for making the final passage through the straights into the Mediterranean. It contains information on fuel and marina prices as well as haul out facilities and places to winter your boat. Beside port information for all the above it provides places of interest and reasons for visiting them.

Dozens of photos and illustrations.

The essential guide if you don't know the Straights of Gibraltar.



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