Your Boat in the Sun


Is a wonderful 45,000 word book with chapters about all the wonderful places you can keep your boat economically and sensibly in places with more sun than the UK!

 With full information on how to get your boat and you there


There are dozens of pictures and chartlets describing the alternatives together with prices and pictures of marinas.


1     The Atlantic Coast of France to the Algarve  


T    Northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea    


 The Southern half of the Mediterranean Sea   


 The Caribbean Sea from Trinidad to the Virgins


 French Canals to the Mediterranean Sun  


The routes and the options of shipping or having it delivered to your new cruising ground under the sun.   




 keeping your boat in the sun Ė in a place where you can sail for at least 8 months of the year and perhaps even be on board, sunbathing, on Christmas Day is the subject of this new book I have just published.

I have even looked at just keeping it in Northern France where the weather systems are continental, warmer and its infinitely cheaper than the UK.

 I have of course covered the Atlantic Coasts of France, Spain, Portugal and of course the Algarve where I have listed all the marinas and their prices.

 After this the emphasis is on being able to visit the boat during the winter as well as the summer with the expectation of having reasonable weather and being able to sunbath on Christmas Day.  So Iíve split the Mediterranean in two with a line of latitude that runs from Gibraltar to Turkey/Cyprus.  North of this line Iíve included places where the winter weather is good and gone as far a the Balearic Islands.

 South of this line Iíve looked at the African Countries who are very welcoming to folks with boats charging as little as 1,200 pounds a year and having modern and secure marinas. What I have tried to do is to only include places that are accessible and close to airports with reasonably priced charter flights.

 The same applies to the rest of the southern Mediterranean including Malta, Corfu, Greek islands and of course the wonderful cruising ground of Turkey with its superb marinas and low prices.

 Because getting your boat to these lovely places can be challenging, there are routes and details of using the French Canals to the south of France, cruising gently down the Atlantic coasts of France, Spain and Portugal, having the boat put on a lorry or using one of the several shipping companies that will pick up your boat in the UK and deliver it to the Balearics or Gib or Turkey at quite reasonable prices.  There are links to international insurance companies as well as lorry boat transport companies and to videos showing you how itís all done. 




I have included a section on getting down to the Med using the French Canals and waterways and looked as sensible routing from Gibraltar to Malta, the Greek Islands and Turkey and Cyprus and onto Egypt.




There is a major section about the Caribbean detailing how to get your boat there by sailing yourself, or putting her on a ship as I recently did with links to videos on the subject. Then there is a breakdown of the best places to keep the boat Ė getting insurance and finding a safe marina as well as flights out from the UK.


 If you are tired of sailing in wet, cold, windy weather and want a much longer sailing season for the very big investment that is your boat then this is the book which looks at the serious issue of finding