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Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide


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If you want to learn how to navigate with GPS and Chart plotters safely' then this book is for you

Dead reckoning navigation was a wonderful and fulfilling Ďartí form. Now that GPS is here to stay, there is no point whatsoever in having a sextant and tables on board and even the compass has become an aid rather than an essential. With the advent of chart plotters, free chart plotter navigation systems for laptops, your mobile communication device almost certainly having GPS built in, and probably Google or Bing maps, the necessity for paper charts is greatly diminished but not totally extinguished.

Whilst even with the most sophisticated of marine electronics there are still a few issues like tides and charts and the aim of this book is to simplify all those issues and get you heading for new, different, far away places.



Chapter one           The hardware


 Chapter two          GPS or Chart Plotter programming

 Chapter three         Creating waypoints and routes

 Chapter four          Paper chart plotting

 Chapter five           Passage Planning - Electronic and Paper

 Chapter six            Tide tables and tidal streams

 Chapter seven        Radar

 Chapter eight         AIS

 Chapter nine          English Channel Tidal Atlas


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