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American Version

Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide



Caribbean Islands Cruising Guide


The Pacific Crossing



French Canal Routes to the Mediterranean

Gentle Sailing Route to the Mediterranean

Strait Sailing to Gibraltar

Living Aboard Around the World

Easy Navigation

Gentle Mediterranean Routes to the Islands

French Canal Charts Fluviacarte


Who is Michael Briant

The Ebooks will be downloaded to your mobile device - reader - pc in PDF format.


Whey you press the 'buy' button you will be taken to a payment page where you can pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.


Because I am based in Spain sometimes the payment page comes up in Spanish but may be changed to UK as follows:




Having paid the purchase fee you will then be taken to a 'download' page where, you press the PDF sign or button, the book you have purchased will be downloaded.


They are quite big files so it depends on the quality of your connection how long it takes.




Whey you buy Fluviacarte books and charts then you are taken to a payment page and then the 'hard copy' will be posted from France the next working day.

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All payments are via PayPal where you may use most credit or debit cards  or your PayPal account